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Move the needle on cooling

After experiencing the catastrophic effects of climate change, it’s high time for all nations to join hands in adopting low carbon pathways to restore the ozone layer The ozone layer, the Achilles’ Heel of our Earth’s atmosphere, is responsible for protecting our terrestrial and marine life. The layer, which is a highly reactive and made of trace gas, constitutes about three molecules for every 10 million molecules of air and absorbs bits of the su

Author: Shanmuganathan K / Ashish Saraswat  

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Keeping cool beyond the pandemic

For an energy-efficient and climate-friendly recovery, coordinated action from policymakers, consumers and industry is required “There is a painful beauty in the collapse of our global climate,” said @paulnicken while posting this on Instagram. This harsh and ugly reality of climate change is being seen in various aspects of our lives — from more frequent and intense disasters to increasing man-animal conflicts. The roaring pandemic, while bringing the world to its

Author: Karan Mangotra/Manjeet Singh  

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