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Training and certification system can ensure effective management of servicing practices as well as enhanced adherence to quality servicing requirements. This can be integral towards inducting servicing technicians into the formal economy and providing access to social security, as well as a baseline to further enhance their own trainings and qualifications to avail of enhanced employment opportunities and job growth. These are extremely important concerns as servicing alone is responsib

Author: Shikha Bhasin, Srishti Rana   |   External Url

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Unlocking BRPL Fan Replacement Scheme 2020

With the pressing need for cooling in India, there is a need for affordable and sustainable non-refrigerant based cooling technologies such as ceiling fans. The blog focuses on ‘BRPL 5 star rated super energy efficient brushless direct current (BLDC) fan replacement’ scheme for residential consumers launched by BSES Rajdhani Power Limited (BRPL) under demand side management initiatives.

Author: Srishti Sharma, Akhil Singhal   |   External Url

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Enabling Access to COVID-19 Vaccine: An Opportunity for Jobs in India’s Cold-chain Servicing Sector

The government of India plans to innoculate 300 million Indians with the vaccine within the first quarter of 2021. To reach different parts of the country, the existing cold chain infrastructure would need to be ramped up by 2-3 times. To ensure the efficacy of the temperature-sensitive vaccines, regular servicing and maintenance by skilled technicians would be required. This provides a unique opportunity to invest in the servicing sector to develop a sustainable healthcar

Author: Srishti, Shikha Bhasin   |   External Url

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The time is right for global alliances to harmonize Vaccine Supply Chains

While putting 1.3 billion people in lockdown in India due to the threats of the spread of COVID-19 might be the biggest social experiment in the history of humanity, its socio-economic impacts will not be equally spread. The shared impact of the pandemic along with the rising temperatures has brought to forefront the need for mainstreaming the practices enhancing the access to cooling, especially in developing countries like India that score relatively high on Gini’s coefficient exhibit

Author: Anukriti Pathak, Tarun Garg, Sandeep Kachhawa   |   External Url

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Cooling as a developmental need in human habitat

Rising temperatures present a grave danger to both food (nutrition) security and public health, making access to cooling a necessity for all sections of the population. AEEE along with CEEW and TERI recently became a part of a consortium of organisations, SHEETAL (Alliance for a Sustainable Habitat, Energy Efficiency and Thermal Comfort for All) working towards implementing the India Cooling Action Plan recommendations to fight the battle against climate change. As a part of the consortium, A

Author: Anukriti Pathak, Tarun Garg   |   External Url

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