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Interactive Outreach Session for Children Reaping Montreal Protocol benefits to conserve food and vaccines

One of the key components of the SHEETAL project is to raise awareness, foster dialogues, and sensitize the public on the aspects of environment-friendly cooling. The project group has conducted several events, workshops, and training programs targeting different stakeholders’ groups relevant to the issue.In continuance to these awareness events, TERI and its partners AEEE & CEEW will be organizing interactive sessions for children o

    16 September, 2021    |    Shivam Gupta
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Multi-Country Industry Dialogue: Towards Low Carbon Cooling Access

India’s tropical climate coupled with global warming has rendered access to cooling for all a necessity, bringing to the surface the challenge posed for the vulnerable and economically disadvantaged people. The global pandemic offers through the recovery plans a new opportunity to provide an integrated response & effective and equitable strategies to build back better. Internationally, countries committed to working together to encou

    22 April, 2021    |    Madhur Bhargava
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Industry dialogue: Towards Sustainable Urban Cooling Solutions Virtual Thematic Track @ WSDS 2021


Globally, cooling is fast becoming a necessity than a luxury due to its social & economic benefits linked to enhanced productivity, improved lives & livelihood, and better healthcare access. The cooling sector, with its cross-dimensional nature, caters to the requirements of residential, commercial, industry, automobile, and cold chain. Urbanization in India has significantly transformed the natur

    12 February, 2021    |    Mr. Manjeet Singh
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Webinar on Mobile Air Conditioning – Challenges and Opportunities through ICAP Implementation

The cooling sector largely influences the Indian automobile industry, which contributes seven percent of the country’s GDP. The cooling system for automobile is commonly known as ‘Mobile Air Conditioning (MAC)’ system provides more thermally controlled environment while driving. The MAC system entails worthy of attention, due to its significant energy consumption, refrigerant usage and its associated greenhouse gas (GHG) emis

    22 December, 2020    |    Mr. Shanmuganathan K.
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Ozone Day Radio program on Kumaon Vani Radio on ओज़ोन परत संरक्षण के 35 साल - पास या फ़ेल

16 सितंबर को विश्व ओज़ोन दिवस के रूप में मनाया जाता है। इस साल हम विएना कन्वेंशन के 35 साल मना रहे हैं। यानी ओज़ोन परत को बचाने के प्रयास 35 साल पहले शुरू हो गए थे। ओज़ोन परत को बचान

    16 September, 2020
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