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Evaporative Air Coolers: A Sustainable Alternative for Attaining Thermal Comfort

Srishti Sharma, Akhil Singhal   |   May 17, 2021

India is currently facing the dual challenge of providing affordable access to cooling and extenuating environmental degradation. Considering India’s tropical climatic conditions, the impact of  RACs on the environment and their low penetration, there is a significant opportunity to promote evaporative air coolers in IndiaEvaporative air coolers can prove to be an effective alternative technology because it uses sustainable and affordable non-GWP-refrigerant based cooling mechanism. It works reasonably well in Indian climatic conditions to achieve thermal comfort for most of the year until it becomes extremely humid. Evaporative air coolers are also known as desert or swamp coolers and can effectively and efficiently provide thermal comfort for most parts of India. These systems are applicable for both commercial and residential settings and can be deployed at a mass scale. This technology uses water, which is a natural refrigerant (R718) and is environment friendly.

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