Enabling cold chain infrastructure development in India

Dr. Khushboo Gupta, Mr. Tarun Garg, Ms. Arzoo Kumari and Dr. Satish Kumar   |   November 15, 2021


Enabling Cold-chain Infrastructure Development in India: Evolution and Assessment of Policies and Institutional Mapping” report was developed under the Alliance for Sustainable Habitat, Energy Efficiency and Thermal Comfort (SHEETAL) project, funded by Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF). The report briefly summarises the institutional and policy development of cold-chain in India, a) highlighting the various institutions/actors and their role(s)in cold-chain policy formulation and implementation b) mapping the past policies, plans and other government initiatives providing a historical context to the present policy narrative on cold-chain in India, and c) identifying the deficiencies/gaps in the existing policies, missing links in policies and paving the way forward.